Down with the Sickness

Things have been chaos. I'm sorry for my absence! On the bright side, I have plenty of work keeping me busy, and my passions are being fulfilled. Shooting Sabrina and David's beautiful wedding was amazing, and made me rethink not doing wedding photography. No, I'm not really opening up for wedding business, however, if you're awesomesauce like Sabrina and David are, then I may consider it. ;)

I also photographed a dashing young man by the name of Thomas, who was in need of senior photos in a pinch. His school was one of those that do not have traditional yearbook photos and instead require the students themselves get some professional photos to turn in by a deadline. Well, the deadline was October 30th! I photographed him on the Wednesday before in Kentucky, and managed to have his prints drop-shipped to his house by the deadline, and he said the print quality was amazing! These are the benefits of utilitizing a professional photographer with access to a professional lab.

This experience made me realize that I have never offered mini-sessions! So you may have seen my previous post, where I explain the details of my mini sessions I will be hosting on December 1st and 2nd. Be sure and drop me a line if you want to secure your spot before they're all gone. They're starting to fill up faster than I had imagined.

This is my newest piece for my thesis. Telekenisis is fun.

Which brings me to my final point. The collective I am a member of has completely redone their website, and I'd love it if everyone would check it out! It can be viewed at the link below. Be sure and check back once in a while, because there will be some amazing events for people of all ages, sexes, occupations and creeds. Bohéme Collectif' is truly an amazing collective of people who have transcended any ideal I ever held of a group of artists. Definitely check them out.

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