Finally, once again, there are ideas starting to rustle up leaves in my head. The wind picks up and it's beginning to form a storm.

Most of what I'm thinking of has to do with my business, the stalemate it's in due to my recent departure from all things art, and the path of entrepreneurship. I think that some things are starting to gather speed that may coalesce into something fun and productive. I have to be vague for now, my apologies.

POUT was a huge success, in my eyes. I saw friends old and new, and stared with jaw hanging open at some of the new work of some of the artists I've been showing alongside for 4 years. Wow, guys. While I've sat here twiddling my thumbs for 6 months, you have created glorious pieces and have simply outdone your old work. Sometimes there is some work at a show that I am not completely convinced by, but there was not a single piece at this show that I did not want to just take home with me and hang on wall space I just don't have. I would love to thank Joe Melanson for curating and having me out at this show, I remembered suddenly the excitement of seeing work and artists progress.

I need to get back to business for now, these ideas are not going to document and act upon themselves.

I have drunk ale from the Country of the Young / And weep because I know all things now.
— William Butler Yeats
McKenna DuffyComment