The "It" Factor

I'm noticing a huge trend in how marketing is evolving, and I'm sure I'm not alone. When's the last time you used the yellow pages to find a business? I mean the real, honest-to-god, big huge yellow book. Yep, the same one iconified by huge muscled men (and women) ripping it to shreds. Unless you've got a penchant for the reminiscent, chances are you haven't in quite a while, at least not willingly. 

So here's a thought - when's the last time you googled something? Perhaps you checked out reviews of a new restaurant, or looked up its rating on yelp. Have you even thought very deeply about this new member to the American English vocabulary - "googled"? Even websites like Yelp use Google Maps.

Google Maps is built into practically every Android device, and all Android devices account for 56.1% of all smart phones. When Apple removed Google Maps in favor of their own brand of maps on their iPhone devices, there was a huge uproar. Google soon released a stand-alone app for iPhone which was elevated to the top position in the downloads charts in about 8 hours after launch. iPhones account for 22.9% share of smart phones, and smart phones were used by 62% of people aged 25-34 as of 2011. Considering that, it appears that Google has become the new Yellow Pages!

Needless to say, being on Google Maps is the best way to be found by consumers. You've already got the "it" factor in your branding, design, and product that you worked so hard to establish- bring that factor to the world wide web in a medium that will bring people through your door. Google now offers StreetView technology INSIDE your business, and it takes a specially trained photographer to make that technology happen for your business.

Here are a couple of businesses that have that "it" factor I was talking about... and now their hard work in branding is available to be shown off to their future patrons. Their visibility in search has been enhanced with interactivity and the latest in technological advances for small business.

So, are you ready to assist your marketing to evolve? Give me a call, and I'll come give you a quote for photographing your space. I can't wait to see what "it" factor you are bringing to Nashville!

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