From Ashes

Joseph Newsome and I will be presenting "chasing/after/life" to you at Gallery of Art at No Egrets as of NOW!!! The Clarksville Art Crawl is Thursday night, and located conveniently close to APSU, No Egrets is the perfect stop to get your fill of the creepy. You can stop in any time and check out the work, however!! The Artist's Reception is Saturday night at 6pm, so if you love me you'll come out and show your support. ;) The imagery will be gracing the walls of No Egrets for the month of March.

Also of interest is a new project I did, which was a ton of fun. Working with graphic designer, body painter, airbrush artist and general renaissance man Dwight Pepper, I photographed professional model, tango guru, and firecracker Gizmo Sparks. Dwight contributed the beautiful airbrushed phoenix gracing Gizmo Sparks' back, and she in turn cranked up the charm (and the sparks) for the camera.

Quite happy with the results, we have every intention on working together again!

What would you like to see Dwight paint?

Work has been keeping me all kinds of busy, but you know I love what I do. It's projects like these that really get me motivated and seeking to create more beauty in the world. What beauties are you creating? Let me know what you're working on in the comments.