No Signal

Wow, I am so excited for the rest of the month of March! Tonight was surreal, seeing my work on those walls, seeing Joseph's work, hearing the comments and such. I was distracted all night by people taking in the photographs and I'm so sorry to anyone if I seemed flighty or distracted.

chasing/after/life will be up for the entire month of March, from 12pm-10pm inside Gallery of Art at No Egrets. The Artist's Reception is this Saturday, at 6pm. For those of you who couldn't make it tonight, Saturday is definitely the night to come mingle with Joseph and I  and check out the imagery!

I'm so incredibly thankful for everyone who has shown their support throughout the creation and showing of my photography. You have no idea what you mean to me. Your ideas, support, commentary and critiques are all precious to me and I cherish them all.

Although The Spirit Manifest (my personal body of work on display at chasing/after/life) is not quite finished, I've been forced to focus on a new project for my thesis in my MFA program. It's about time I've provided a little insight and inside look at the new photo essay.

My new body of work is an intimate look at life when living with someone who has dementia, psychosis, mental illness, or specifically in my case- paranoid schizophrenia. My husband's illness dominates our lives, and determines the vast majority of what we can and cannot do. There are moments of joy, and then there are breaking points where everything seems to fall apart. As he is left reeling from delusions, I am left reeling from having my husband hospitalized for months on end. Comfort and routine give way to being uncomfortably aware of every movement. Sleep becomes a long lost memory. But underneath it all, he is a suffering human being, and that human being he is the rest of the year is someone I love with all of my heart.