Polymath Reflections

She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.
— an excerpt from "Eleanor & Park," by Rainbow Rowell

So many have been asking when I'll start shooting again. I still do, occasionally, but as a whole? I'm not sure. There's been a lot more for me to focus on lately, mostly by requirement. It's no secret that my PTSD has been devastating since this time last year. What was once controlled so easily for half a decade, is now ripping apart my life. I'm picking up the pieces, I'm moving on and putting everything back into neat, functional order.

Being a polymath is, gratefully, very useful in times like these. I can make a living in a skilled trade without having to exacerbate the triggers. I worked in a desirable IT position for a while, until a medical condition forced me away. Now I'm happily serving as a prep chef, in my zen little corner of the kitchen, getting lost in repetitive tasks and non-important thoughts.

I still photograph occasionally. I've been doing pro bono work for friends. One wanted celebratory photos for an event very special to her. Others just like updated, professional photos that reflect their true selves. I like to oblige; I don't need the money, and I love their reactions when they see their beautiful photos.

I am still working on my thesis, even though classes are long behind me. I might present it, one day. Ideally, I'd present it before it were finished. They expect me to work on it for an additional year before I can apply for graduation. It's developed from what you see on this site, to a three act series meant for monograph. Act two is fairly complete, but I'm not comfortable showing it publicly yet.

You can still feel free to contact me if you desire photography work. I am only doing pro bono, special projects now. I can't guarantee I'd have the time or resources, but I'd let you know either way. Below are a few samplings from random things I've done since I dropped commercial work.

Here's to building a new future.