Black and White Challenge

I rarely work in black and white. To be honest, I have a very deep love affair for the power of color. The first two years of undergrad, I only worked in black and white; it was all that was allowed. I credit that work with how I see light now, and I truly feel I wouldn't be the same calibre of artist if I had not learned that way. However, when I was finally let loose with my color film and dslr, I found a new element with which I could express my vision.

In starting to photograph again, I'm really happy with some of my new work, but I feel I need to push myself a little bit. So, for the next few months, my goal is to take a few photos in black and white every week. I don't want to be reliant on color like a crutch. So... I started slowly today with simple street photos.

Tell me, are any photographers following doing any exercises to push themselves this year? Which ones have been effective for you in the past?