When the Muse Visits

I probably don't mention it a lot, being that photography is my first, last, and primary love. However, I also like to indulge in writing, as well! I've had poetry and short stories published randomly since childhood, and upon joining the spoken word community in Nashville, I found a new outlet for the words that swim in my mind.

I have 4284 words on a new project that I'm writing. I'm not sure if this will remain an anthology of short stories of poems, or if it will morph into a memoir, or if it'll be a bastard child of both. I've been wanting to write it for years, but never got a lot of momentum. By allowing myself to free write, whether in the format of poetry, short story, essay or rant... I'm starting to round out what I'm wanting to say more thoroughly. I'm sure it will be a lengthy project as I flesh out what I want to say and decide on the best approach to present it.

On a slightly related note, I will be going back to graduate school to finish my MFA this summer. I say it's related, because my final thesis is intended to be published as a monograph (photo book). I'm fairly excited, especially having my momentum amping up for the type of productivity that I once knew.

I know that my writing is probably not why you're here, but if anyone is interested in that further, send me a message! I'd love to hear from you and get your input. Also, I'd love to hear what techniques you all out there use for catharsis. I use writing and photography... what's your method of madness?

Poetry published in Fall 2014 Calliope Magazine