The Invisible

21 Days until MPR Materials are Required in San Francisco
31 Days until MPR Presentation

I've finished my thesis proposal. It's probably the most lengthy, concise, and arduously labored over piece of writing about my work that I've ever done - and it's just the proposal! I'm very happy with it. I've ordered the prints that need to be sent to San Francisco, and they will arrive here, for my approval, tomorrow. Fine art prints are so expensive. When I finished the order, I crossed myself and said a little prayer in mourning for that fat stack of cash I had to drop on them. No, I'm not religious. It just seemed appropriate.

I've been working fairly diligently on this, constantly shooting, editing, interviewing, researching, writing, and even just thinking about it. I still need to mat and package the prints for shipping, create the powerpoint for my oral presentation, and start practicing. A professor that also generally sits on the review panel helped with a little boost of inspiration, and it's been flowing pretty freely since then. I hate when I overthink things, and she helped put it all into perspective.

To be fair, my everyday life has been pretty inspiring, as well. I've taken on a lot of work in order to pay for the extra equipment and materials I've needed, so I have been enjoying my free time that much more. I've photographed friends, made goofy composites for a class, went to a halloween party, and so on.

I'm tired, but I'm happy. Wish me luck on the upcoming MPR presentation, and don't forget, I have a Patreon that you can throw money at for first-access to content and additional perks. You like perks, don't you? Or supporting the arts? Think of yourself as some sort of Italian noble, throwing coins at Michelangelo. Or something.