MFA Candidacy

My thesis proposal was approved.
I am now an MFA candidate.

Admittedly, my thesis proposal was approved two weeks ago, and this blog post was meant to be written within days. I still had finals and work to contend with, however, so the chaos of life drowned out the blog post I promised myself I'd write.

I've already registered for Spring classes. Yes, dear reader, the journey is not over yet. I have three semesters of directed study to tackle, to finish my thesis and put a proper polish on it, and then another presentation before the committee for my degree. Not to mention the monograph's publication and the speaking engagements to follow.

With approval to continue and a solidified finish line, now is the best time to get in on patreon benefits. I've added a monthly care package to the list of perks. What else would you like to see?

I'm excited beyond belief, yet the excitement is quickly being muted by the worries of the holiday season. May the new year bring new inspiration to us all!

"Ruined," 2015