Model Coaching

I know that a lot of stock is put into the talents, skill, and eye of the photographer when it comes to commercial and fine art work. But honestly, some of my best work wouldn't have been possible without the equally matched skill of the models. Modeling is about more than looking pretty in front of a camera - there is a subtlety to every look and movement. A good model can move only slightly for 1 minute and produce 5 completely different looks.

I've never been someone to stop working with a model due to inexperience or lack of range. This is because I have no doubt that everyone is coachable. I've had models come in front of my lens once or twice, never to work with them again, and I've also worked with models for years in order to help them relax their face or master the art of subtle movement.

I feel part of the expertise of a photographer also lies in their ability to coach their models. Although in high-end commercial photography, a model is expected to have experience and skill - you can't always have that luxury, and having it means that it's denying other models the opportunity to grow and learn and know their full potential.

One of my more recent students has been a dear friend of mine, a subject you've seen often in the past few months, and my good roommate, Molli. She has a natural ethereal beauty and a god-given talent for intensity, but an encouraging word or spare tip is always helpful, and she's a quick study.

I'm proud to share that after a little encouragement and a budding portfolio I've helped her start, she's already booked a major gig and is doing phenomenal work already. She was a hair model at a hair show in the Fashion Focus conference in Bellevue, Washington. She had her hair colored in preparation, then cut on stage, doing runway walks and posing for photos. I'm incredibly proud of her accomplishment!

Here are a couple of photos from this past weekend, when she did the show. (All photographs by me, as I wasn't present at the conference.)

Please know, that if you ever work with me on any photography work whatsoever, I will absolutely do my best to coach you and give you tips, both for that session and for any modeling you take on going forward. Also, if you simply want to learn how to move better in front of a camera, please don't hesitate to get in touch! I love helping out. Maybe next time I see you, it'll be on the runway!