For Love, Not Money

The 25-Year-Old Cam Girl Trying to Change the Porn Industry

Although I've done just fine in the photography industry, very few people understand why I've never focused on making an ever-increasing profit with it. I feel that I relate to Vex Ashley in this way. Some things, you do for the love, for the artistry - not for the money.

Although sex work, cam work, and porn in general tend to be a taboo subject still in many parts of our country, I have a very deep respect for the way that Ashley and others like her are changing the game. Not only does the camera work in their films provide real eye candy for the viscerally image-aware like me, but they're promoting diversity and intersectionality in their work.

I'm certain that I'm not the only one becoming more and more painfully aware of the level to which institutionalized racism, ableism, and sexism are being unveiled in our country as the status quo. Media in all its forms is spreading beyond control of the elite, and that allows more diverse voices to be heard; they are telling stories of pain, loss, and oppression that some don't want us to hear, and that some refuse to acknowledge as truth. Nowhere else are those three forms of bigotry more prominent, controlling, or oppressive, than in the sex work industry. I feel that Ashley's work and the work of those like her aids in the elimination of those factors while simultaneously respecting the freedom of individuals to pursue work that suits them, as more sex workers gravitate toward more humanistic avenues of work like this.

It's in this way that I direct my own individual projects; the encouragement of intersectionality and morally virtuous representation and work, as well as learning how to overcome my own societally ingrained biases. Although making a living in my craft is always important, sometimes it simply comes secondary to the passion. It just feels more satisfying to do it for the love - not the money.

Vex Ashley

Vex Ashley