Open Portrait Call // Thesis

The beginning of classes for grad school is upon me again. I'm so super happy that I'll finally be finishing my thesis and MFA. After my experiences in panels, speaking engagements, and mentoring youth, I've been seriously considering teaching in some form. My work always goes down the path of one passion project or another for me, and this has been on my mind for a few years. Now, I simply have more experience in it, and am more capable of gauging my ability and interest.

I'll likely be making a few travel plans for the upcoming two years. The first will be San Francisco in early 2016 in order to present my thesis midpoint review. I get excited just thinking about sitting in a window seat and feeling the plane take off. Can you tell I love flying?

After much brainstorming and randomly pulling out my phone to take notes (much to the displeasure of anyone around me at the time), I've finally solidified the conclusion to my thesis. I'm sure I'll post about it in more detail later, but having a solid path to go in after my life shifting so drastically and suddenly is relieving.

Mostly, I'm sharing my enthusiasm for upcoming work, and will be posting some images occasionally in order to allow feedback. I'd also like to open my inbox up to anyone who is LGBT, queer, or a person of color to contact me if they'd like to have some environmental portraits done. I'll explain more later (and definitely in person), but my thesis is diverting into its second half, which involves LGBT and QPOC and the challenges they face. Trans women of color and anyone suffering homelessness or mental illness will get priority. You will receive copies of the images in a format you prefer (digital or small print) for your time, as well as updates on the project and its final publication.

Check out this link for a quick explanation of what an environmental portrait is.

So, if you're interested, please hit my contact page and send over an email, give me a call, or reach out via any social media.

In the meantime, please enjoy this mundane photo of a really steep hill. :D

Marion Street between 1st and 2nd Ave // Seattle, WA