Reel Queer Youth 2015

Three Dollar Bill Cinema released the behind-the-scenes video from Reel Queer Youth this year. Although the actual youth work cannot be released until after the Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, this is a nice sneak peek into what they went through in order to learn how to film and then create their films in a very limited time period.

Although I'm not the only blue-haired vixen in this video, if you pay attention you'll spot me leading workshops and helping mentor the youth. I can't wait for the film festival, and to do this again next year.

It was this experience, plus those that followed (like speaking at Seattle University about intersectionality when teaching LGBT teens) that have truly guided my current work and focused my intent in photography. 

I have sent out responses to my open call today, and can't wait to work more in-depth with the community in order to see an awareness spread. Please note that my open call is not yet closed, and that I will be photographing individuals for this project through the end of 2016. Feel free to reach out if you are interested or would love to know more about this body of work.